For cTrader Users: all of my products require FULL Access Rights to run due to usage of more enhanced functions that are not implemented in the cTrader (for example: pop-up messageboxes, sending Telegram notifications… )

These functions are not dangerous for you! They make your trading life easier and better!

Please “Allow” it at first run.

If you need custom indicator or robot: send me a request

I have been making custom FX products since 2010 for cTrader, MT4 and MT5.

All products were reviewed and modified in mid-May 2020.

If you have downloaded it before:

I suggest you to try the newest version as well!

All products have 3 versions:
Free: works on demo accounts and EURUSD/Daily time frame
Trail: works for 7 days
Full/Unlimited/Paid version

These products are very hot! If you find any bug or have a
comment: do not hesitate to contact me.

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