TrendFollower robot




TrendFollower is an universal robot with a lot of extra functions.

– TimeFilter
– SpreadFilter
– TrendStrength Filter
– Volatility Filter
– Trend and Momentum detection
– TrailStop
and many more.

Due to the lot of input parameters this robot is well customizable for all market conditions and for all instruments on any timeframe. (the higher the better).

It does not use any dangerous systems as D’alembert, Grid or Martingale!
You can use it on small accounts safety from 200EUR with minimal (0.01) Lot.

– Free version runs in real mode  on Demo/EURUSD/D1 only. But you can make backtests and optimizations on ayn symbols and time frames.
– Full version works on any symbol and any time frame without limitations.

The cBot requires FULL Access Rights to run!