2MA Crossover




The 2MA Crossover is the most used strategy by traders.
You can get BUY/SELL signals when the Faster Moving Average crosses the Slower.

The Moving Averages are fully customizable (Exponential, Simple, Weighted…, Periods, Colors, Line style etc.).

When the 2MA crossover events happened: the indicator gives you the following notifications:
– Buy or Sell sign apperars on the chart
– Soundfile (that you have choosen) will played
– Email and Telegram notifications arrive to you.

So you do not need to stay at the front of your computer from 0-24!
AlgoGURU indicator checks the market and will notify you if something happened.

Available versions:
– Free version works on demo accounts and with EURUSD/D1 only without time limit.
– Full version works without limitations

This indicator requires FULL Access Rights to run.
For more info please visit to my website: www.algoguru.hu