BollingerB BreakOut v2




The Bollinger band will measure volatility in the market and when price action tests and there is a breakout of the upper band or lower band, we know that higher volatility has come into the market.  With this great tool you can catch the moment!

Of course, this indicator (as all of them) is best used in a toolbox with others and not as a standalone product. Allways combine at least 2-3 or more tools to get more strength signs and try to avoid the false entries.

When new Signal events happened: the indicator gives you the following notifications:
– Buy or Sell sign apperars on the chart
– Soundfile (that you have choosen) will played
– Email and Telegram notifications arrive to you.

With this tool you do not need to stay at the front of your computer from 0-24!
AlgoGURU indicator checks the market and notify you if something happened.

Available versions:
– Free version works on demo accounts and with EURUSD/D1 only without time limit.
– Full version works without limitations