I started my carrier in 1988 as software developer/programmer engineer. I worked for the biggest hungarian companies more than 20 years:

  • MAV – Hungarian Railways
  • TVK – MOL Petrochemicals Co. Ltd.
  • MOL – Hungarian Oil and Gas Co.

as system programmer (in C, C++, C#, Cobol, html, CSS, Js, MySQL, MQL4,5, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Pliopt/PL/I, RPG, SQL and many more), system developer, IT professional, expert etc.

In 2010 my interests was focused to the automated forex trading.
From this time I started to develop automated FX trading systems for Metatrader4 platform.

I finished with my first profitable system in 2012. This was the early version of Grid-GURU which was written in MQL4 (MT4) language.

Some years later I met with the weaknesses and limits of MT4, so I started to find something better…

In 2015 my interests focused to the new, rapidly developing platforms as cTrader and Metatrader5.

I recognized the strengths of these platforms and I started to develop custom indicators and robots to all popular platforms: cTrader, Metatrader5 and Metatrader4.

From 2018 I started to deal with other popular trading platforms and languages as NinjaTrader, Sierra-Charts, TradingView-PineScript, ProRealTime or ZuluScript…

From the begining (2010) I made hundreds of robots (scalper, arbitrage, breakout, grid-martingale, trend following etc.). Some of them have been published as References.

Personal Life:

This way of life requires the perfect menthal and physical conditions.

In order to meet these challenges, I wanted to extend my limits. From 2011 I started to run long distances. It is very good activity to clear your mind.

In 2012 I completed my first marathon (42,2km).

For today I am a more times marathon runner and amateur long distance triathlete (Iron-Man).