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First of all: Thank You for downloading/purchasing my product.

With the following easy steps you will be able to use my products without deeper computer knowledge.

1., Unzip the downloaded ZIP file to any directory on your computer.

2., Read the Readme.txt and follow the instructions.

3., Install the product:

3.a, Run the Install.exe file (if exists) and follow the instructions.

3.b, If no Install.exe in the ZIP file simply copy the:

AlgoGURU_indicator.algo to your Documents/cAlgo/Sources/Indicators

AlgoGURU_cBot.algo to your Documents/cAlgo/Sources/Robots directory.

4., Some products use Email and Telegram notifications.

If you have chosen this one: you have to set the correct Email and Telegram parameters. If the zip contains AlgoGURU_SetNotification.exe run it and follow the instructions from Step 5 – 9 otherwise go to Step 10.

5., First of all you have to set the Email settings at your cTrader terminal.

Go To your cTrader terminal/Settings/Email:

and type your email creditentals (Server, Port, Username, Password).

6., Use this Username at my products as Email

otherwise the email notifications won’t work!

7., Enable “Less secure apps”

Some email providers as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo… do not allow to send emails by cTrader. To enable this function you have to allow the usage of less secure apps. Here is a Google link:

8., Get your unique Telegram UserID:

With the @algoGURU_bot you can get Telegram notifications from my products.

Step 8.1, Start/Login to your Telegram app.

Step 8.2, Send /start message to @userinfobot and you get your UserID:

Step 8.3, Subscribe to @algoGURU_bot

(send /start message to @algoGURU_bot )

9., Run AlgoGURU_SetNotification.exe

Fill the Form and press “Ok”.

10., You have finished with the installation. Restart your cTrader.

Other notes:

  • all products require Full Access Rights to run
  • full versions require the Activation process (run the product and follow the instructions)