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I am a computer programmer, fx market strategy developer. I have been developing trading strategies and systems since 2010. I have many years of experience for developing automated trading systems with several platforms like: cTrader, Metatrader4 and Metartader5.

During this period I wrote hundreds of robots in any type of trading style like: arbitrage, scalping, gap-trading, grid, martingale, news-trader, price-action, trend-follower…

If you want to know more about myself: please check “About” and “References”.

I would like to show you what I am developing: this is the “Trend-GURU”, a classic trend-follower robot which have been running and testing on 10 pairs.

This is the forward test of Trend-GURU robot

I hope you like it!

If you have any questions or recommendations: do not hesitate to contact me.